Take the Orange Pill and Increase your Bitcoin Conviction


The term Orange Pill is the Bitcoin community’s shorthand for getting those new to Bitcoin to see the light.  The meme refers to a scene from the 1999 film The Matrix where Morpheus offers Neo a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially life-changing truth, by taking the red pill, or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill.  Taking the Orange Pill refers to learning the fundamentals of Bitcoin and getting off of zero.

Due to Bitcoin’s decentralized nature, there is no marketing money driving adoption.   It is up to the community to spread the word.

Helping our friends and family learn about this novel monetary technology is important to us.  If you view Bitcoin as Manhattan real estate 100 years ago, you would want those close to you to stake a claim as well. 

Michael Saylor and
Ross Stevens Interview

It is generally agreed that the best thing to show someone who is brand new to Bitcoin is the interview between Michael Saylor and Ross Stevens.  Michael Saylor is the CEO of MicroStrategy and has become one of the most vocal proponents of Bitcoin.  He hosted a conference in February of 2021 for corporations to discuss MicroStrategy’s approach to Bitcoin.  This is an interview from that conference and is highly recommended viewing.

What you missed.

Imagine for a moment how much money you would have if you had invested in Bitcoin previously.  If you need some assistance doing this, there are some great websites that put this into perspective. 

We have curated some of these websites, including Bitcoin or Shit, dcaBTC and HODL Camp.  Head over to our Get Bitcoin Today page to explore some of these sites.


Bitcoin is the Great Definancialization is a highly recommended article by Parker Lewis.  This article is part of a series called “Gradually then Suddenly” and all of the articles in the series are worth a read or listen.

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin is another key article and should be considered required reading.

I’m All Ears

Bitcoin Audible is a podcast that focuses on reading the best content written about Bitcoin.  Start with the “Bitcoin is Hope” episode with Breedlove.

What Bitcoin Did is another great podcast putting out regular interviews with experts and thought leaders in the space. 

Finally, be sure to check out Preston Pysh’s Bitcoin Fundamentals Podcast.



Deeper Dive

If the various videos, articles, websites and podcasts recommended above haven’t convinced you yet, don’t worry.  The rabbit hole is deep and there are many other resources to increase your Bitcoin conviction. 

Find more books, articles, videos and podcasts in our Bitcoin Resources section.

Bitcoin Resources