Critical Reading about Bitcoin

Highly Recommended Articles and Information

The articles on Bitcoin below will teach you about some of the most important information regarding Bitcoin.  Start with The Bitcoin Whitepaper, which is the document that initiated the creation of Bitcoin.  We also highly recommend Parker Lewis’s series that speaks to many concerns in and around Bitcoin. 



The Bitcoin Whitepaper

by Satoshi Nakamoto

Published in 2008, the Bitcoin Whitepaper is the document that started it all.  Satoshi Nakamoto was the mysterious creator who proposed Bitcoin through publishing this whitepaper.  While this is a technical document that outlines the idea, it outlines what it is and how it works. 

Gradually then Suddenly

by Parker Lewis

This series of articles written by Parker Lewis is a weekly series touching on a variety of aspects of bitcoin.  Bitcoin is a complex subject and each article in the series addresses important topics such as energy consumption, volatility, alt coins and more.  Read the first in the series: “ Gradually then Suddenly“.

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

by Vijay Boyapati

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin lays out the opportunity that Bitcoin presents to investors.  The article touches on how Bitcoin started, the history and properties of money, common misconceptions and the risks facing the cryptocurrency. 

Why the Yuppie Elite Dismiss Bitcoin

by Croesus

In his article “Why the Yuppie Elite Dismiss Bitcoin“, Croesus gives some perspective on why successful business elites have yet to fully embrace Bitcoin.

Shelling Out

by Nick Szabo

Shelling Out. The precursors of money, along with language, enabled early modern humans to solve problems of cooperation that other animals cannot – including problems of reciprocal altruism, kin altruism, and the mitigation of aggression. These precursors shared with non-fiat currencies very specific characteristics – they were not merely symbolic or decorative objects.

Swan Signal

by Various Authors

The Swan Signal blog contains a number of articles focused on Bitcoin.
is the recommended exchange to get started
with and the blog is written by various team member and friends of the platform. 

Money, Bitcoin and Time

by Robert Breedlove

What Explains Bitcoin’s Resurgence?

by Nic Carter

Written for NY Magazine, What Explains Bitcoin’s Resurgence covers the developments in Bitcoin since 2017 and what distinguishes its rally in 2021. I focus on developments in market infrastructure, narrative shifts, novel market participants, and the stunning macroeconomic backdrop which is now powering the market. This piece is written for a mainstream audience, assuming no prior knowledge of Bitcoin.