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What would have happened if I’d gotten into Bitcoin during the last all time high?  How much could I have made if I started DCAing (Dollar Cost Averaging) in 2 years ago?  How much is this device worth in BTC if I’d just spent that money on Bitcoin? 

There are some interesting websites out there that put things into perspective by asking and answering some of the questions above.  Take a few minutes and explore the recommended sites below.


Bitcoin or Shit

See what that latte you bought in 2005 or that Playstation 4 you bought new in 2013 would be worth today if you’d spent that money on Bitcoin instead.  Click through a few times and you’ll get some perspective on just how valuable Bitcoin is.



Instead of buying BTC based on gut feeling, or simple dollar cost averaging, dcaBTC provides you with backtested statistics and automated strategies that enable you to time your Bitcoin purchases correctly.


Hodl Camp is an interactive graph that displays the profitability of HODLing bitcoin.  If you don’t know, HODL stands for “Hold On for Dear Life”, and is the mantra of many Bitcoiners. 

The site is an interesting way to see how long you would have had to hold your purchase of Bitcoin for it to turn a profit.  Take note of how green most of the graph is and you should realize Bitcoin has been profitable over any 4 year or longer period.  Buy and HODL.

Bitcoins Per Person

Bitcoins Per Person is a site offers a real-time display of how many bitcoins there are divided by the world population.  The number at the top shows you what each person’s  share of Bitcoin is today if it were equally distributed to everyone.

Fiat Market Cap

Imagine a future where Bitcoin is the de facto global store of value.  How much sats do you need for that overseas holiday?  Fiat Market Cap is a fun experiment tracking Bitcoin’s rise against major fiat currencies around the globe.


Fiat leak, a smart and catchy name borrowed from wikileaks, is excatly that: a website that shows how much fiat money leaks into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The Fiatleak site is overwhelming with info, being a live ticker board for loads of crypto variables. It makes for a great entertaining overview though and you can end up staring at the fiat-leaking animation for a long time. It is just mesemerizing.


Bitcoiners believe that sometime soon things will start being priced in Satoshis, shortened to “sats”.  1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 sats.  See how many sats you can buy with $1 today and how that value has changed over time.

Bitcoin Treasuries

Want to know which companies have Bitcoin on in their treasuries?  This site displays information about public and private companies, along with ETF like trusts and funds.  See how many Bitcoin companies like MicroStrategy and Tesla have purchased along with other metrics.