Bitcoin Resources

Educate yourself with these key materials

Use this page as a hub to get to the various key resources about Bitcoin.  Here is our recommendation on how to get started:

  1. Start with this 60 minute interview with Michael Saylor and Ross Stevens.
  2. Get a copy of The Bitcoin Standard to fully understand the problem Bitcoin looks to solve.  If you are short on time, grab The Little Bitcoin Book instead (or in addition).
  3. Read the Gradually then Suddenly series of articles by Parker Lewis. Make sure you include Bitcoin Does Not Waste Energy and Bitcoin is the Great Definancialization.
  4. Listen to podcasts at the gym or on the way to work.  Bitcoin Audible is regularly updated with Guy Swann reading new material and giving his take.  Peter McCormack’s What Bitcoin Did is a great interview podcast.  Bitcoin Fundamentals with Preston Pysh is a good series for a solid foundation.





Start with Gradually then Suddenly



Start with the Ross Stevens Video


Start with the Bitcoin Standard


Start with What Bitcoin Did