Bitcoin on Clubhouse

The best Bitcoin clubs on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the hottest new social media platform.  To me it feels like a 24/7 conference on all of the topics I’m interested in.  You can pop into one room and listen to a panel of experts discuss your favorite topic or jump to another room and join a conversation.  You can also find everything from late night lullaby rooms to celebrity interviews. 

If you want to learn or have conversations about Bitcoin, there is no better place right now to jump start your education.  The best clubs for doing so are listed below.   

Note: Clubhouse is still in beta and is currently Apple only (Iphone, etc.)


Cafe Bitcoin

Hosted by

Created by the team over at, Cafe Bitcoin is the most active Bitcoin club on Clubhouse.  Focused on Bitcoin only, they have scheduled clubs in a variety of languages and focus on Bitcoin education. 

You’ll find these clubs happening at all hours with (mostly) friendly mods helping to answer questions.  Once you get on Clubhouse, this would be a great club to start with.

Black Bitcoin Billionaires

Hosted by Isaiah Jackson and Lamar Wilson.

The largest Bitcoin club on clubhouse, the Black Bitcoin Billionaires seems to always have a club running 24/7 as well. 

This active group is another great educational resource for learning about Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin +

Hosted by Dennis Porter

Dennis runs a few rooms a week focused on specific topics.  He does a deep dive on technical topics, usually every Thursday at 2pm PST.  Past Bitcoin + rooms have focused on Lightning Network, DLCs and so on. 

Dennis is quite skillful at tracking down experts on that week’s topic and creating a panel discussion that explores the topic quite thoroughly.  Keep an eye out for Bitcoin topics that interest you.

Legit Satoshis

Hosted by Shelly Legit

Shelly is pretty universally recognized in the Clubhouse Bitcoin community as one of the best mods on the platform. 

Expect the Legit Satoshis rooms she hosts to be Bitcoin focused and, well managed and welcoming to all. 

Bullish As Fuck

Hosted by British HODL

For Bitcoin Bulls Only.

This club is a bit more on the aggressive side and discussion focuses on investing and making money. 

Topics migrate from Stocks and Bonds to IRAs to Bitcoin. 

Needless to say, a Bullish As Fuck room is not really the place for random Bitcoin questions about wallets or how to purchase.  Stick to Cafe Bitcoin for that.

Bitcoin ++

Hosted by D++


If you are seeking a more eclectic room that tends to discuss the technology around Bitcoin, this is your club.

These Bitcoin ++ rooms are usually later at night and range from highly technical discussions to random chatter as people decompress from their day. 

You never quite know what you’ll find.

One of the most unique rooms to be conceived on Clubhouse has got to be Sunday Satoshi Service.  The brainchild of John Fakhoury, the room is run like a church service on Sunday mornings from 10am-12am central time.  Supported by TBain, American HODL, Bobo Dread and many others, the goal of the service is to educate people who have strayed from Bitcoin by buying Shitcoins or not being bullish enough on Bitcoin. With a giant sense of humor, about 40+ attendees are prompted to improve their Bitcoin positions.  If you’re around on Sunday mornings, be sure to catch the room.  A sample prayer…

Satoshi Apostolic Creed

I believe in Satoshi Nakamoto, the Father of blockchain, creator of the hardest money.

I believe in Bitcoin, his only creation,

Conceived in the Great Recession,

Born of the virgin rationality,

Suffered under the fork wars,

Was declared dead hundreds of times,

and descended into unrelenting bear markets.

On the third halving, rose again from the dip, and ascended to global reserve.

I believe in the anonymous holders, the holy main chain, the communion of nodes, the forgiveness of shitcoinery, the resurrection of honest value, and truth everlasting.